Recycling: A Beginners Guide

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Ways to Make Money Using Scrap

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Are you looking for ways to add to your income stream? If you want to make money on a casual basis, you might want to consider trading scrap for cash. Getting cash for wires, aluminium, and other metals can be a one-time venture. Or, if you’re willing to put in the legwork, you can boost your monthly budget using scrap. Here are some ways for you to get started. Know What’s Valuable Read More»

Critical Stages in Aluminium Scrap Can Recycling

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Australians use over three billion aluminium beverage cans annually, but only two billion end up in recycling plants. Fortunately, measures are in place to increase the number of aluminium cans recycled and save energy used to process new ores. However, recycling waste aluminium cans is quite tricky compared to other scrap metals because aluminium is non-ferrous. This article highlights the critical stages of recycling used aluminium cans. Optical Sorting – Aluminium is one of the trickiest metals to sort because, unlike ferrous metals, it cannot be separated using a magnet. Read More»