Recycling: A Beginners Guide

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Top Innovations Transforming the Metal Recycling Industry

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The metal recycling industry is perhaps the most misunderstood, which can be attributed to the lack of knowledge by players. One area that people often think the metal recycling segment lags is innovation. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The metal recycling industry continues to invest heavily in innovation because it is the only way to maximise gains. This article highlights high-tech advances in metal recycling. Read on. Read More»

Benefits of Recycling Metal Objects Around Your Home

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You might have a lot of junk sitting in your garage, such as old washing machines or bicycles. Or you may be renovating and have old aluminium window frames that you’ve replaced. If so, consider salvaging all these items and sending them to a recycling outlet. Here are some benefits of doing so. Good for the Environment Recycled metal can be repurposed into other useful metal objects, which reduces the amount of new metal that needs to be mined and manufactured from scratch. Read More»

What Do Manufacturers Make Using Recycled Metal? Find Out

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Metal recycling has numerous advantages. Recycling eliminates the need for mining metal, reducing the impact on health and the environment due to the emitted gases and high concentrations of toxic and non-eco-friendly products.  Besides, metal fabricators can recycle different metal products multiple times without compromising the integrity of the recycled metal. When metal fabricators recycle scrap metal, manufacturers can use it to make different products. The following are some of the practical uses of recycled scrap metal. Read More»