Recycling: A Beginners Guide

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Types of scrap metal

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Scrap metal may seem like junk, but you can recycle it to earn a few extra bucks. You not only do your part to save Mother Earth by keeping metals out of landfills, but you also get some extra cash. There are different types of scrap metal, including the following: Aluminium Aluminium is an easily identifiable metal due to its silver colour. It is a non-ferrous type of metal, which makes it valuable. Read More»

Efficient Document Destruction Options for Your Home Business

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It’s time for a brief and interesting history lesson. Following the Iranian Revolution of 1979, the US government abandoned their embassy in Tehran. The building became a major focal point for the ongoing conflict, with more than fifty US citizens being held hostage in the embassy building from November 1979 until January 1981, in an event known as the Iran hostage crisis (which was given a Hollywood makeover in the 2012 Oscar-winning film Argo). Read More»